Tova L. Zeff z"l

This is a web page to share information relating to Tova over the next few days. It should make it easier than trying to reach people by email.

Robbin sent out the following email to people whose addresses she could find on Tuesday:

With heart wrenching sadness, I inform you of the passing of Tova L. Zeff.

There will be a memorial for Tova L. Zeff will be at 7pm on Wed. March 4th at Grand Lake Gardens (401 Santa Clara Ave, Oakland, CA 94610). Valet parking will be provided.

You are invited to participate by bringing poems/readings or sharing memories/photos.

Photos of Tova are being posted online at If you have a photo you would like to add, you can email it to

If you can't attend the memorial you can Honor Tova by Tikkun Olam

Making the World a Better Place


Please share this information as appropriate.

Thank you,

(Tova's sister)

Other details about this Memorial and any other ceremonies are still being worked out. There will also probably be something on the East Coast at the family reunion this summer. Please contact her if you need to know for sure.

People who would like to contact Deb & Jack should feel free to, or they can contact Robbin (email or phone).

Please check back periodically for any changes.

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